About us

Translation agency Lingua ER

Translation agency LinguaER was created by the group of translators for written translation service rendering. Our company provides high quality of our work which makes us possible to satisfy our clients demands and desires. Our main purpose is long term and mutually beneficial collaboration with our customers. Our translators are high educated in philology and have translation experience in different scopes of activity. While translating the expanded volume documentation, our company provides the unified style of translation and terminology to lighten the following customers expert work. Translation agency LinguaER also uses quality control system which operates the processes from editing to formatting and design.

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  • Technical translation

    • - General polytechnic   translations
    • - Maintenance instructions
    • - Technical documentation
    • - Automotive industry
    • - Medical equipment

  • Legal translation

    • - General legal translation
    • - Translation of contracts and   agreements
    • - Translation of legal signings
    • - Translation of constituent   documents
    • - Translation of powers of   attorney


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